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Birth Story: Part Two

Birth Story: Part Two

It was now 4am and time for me to be examined again. I was disappointed to find that I hadn’t dilated any further in the last 4 hours. I was given a drip of syntocin to aid the contractions and try to get things moving.

A couple of hours passed and then everything seemed to happen very quickly. Evie’s heart rate started dipping; on the first occasion it returned to normal and didn’t show any cause for concern, however the second time it happened, it failed to come back up. I was examined again and was now 8cm dilated but Evie’s heart rate was not ok. It was decided to take bloods from baby (they do this from the top of the head) to test her oxygen levels. The first came back with boarder-line results so they did the test again in 30 minutes. The second came back ok.

However, an hour later, Evie’s heart rate was dipping again and it was time to get her out. I feel as though there were suddenly lots of people in the room. It was explained that Evie was in an awkward position where the side of her head was pressing on my cervix, rather than the top. Because of that, she would need extra help to get out. The doctor attempted to use forceps, but couldn’t get them to lock. She abandoned the forceps and called for another doctor. He arrived and removed the forceps to assess baby’s position. Previously, they had thought Evie was back to back, but at this point the doctor thought she had turned, so he decided to try using the ventouse cup. It was on the second pull that baby seemed to be moving, so I was given an episiotomy to give her as much room to come out as possible. However on the third pull, the cup came off and had to be abandoned. Forceps were then attempted again as a consultant was requested to come in the room.

The consultant arrived, took what seemed to be a glance at me and said, “The baby’s too high. Section.” For me the room seemed to spin. Everyone was moving, my hubby was gathering our things, I was signing some kind of consent form and then I was wheeled off to theatre.

I remember getting to theatre and saying how dizzy I felt as the anaesthetist tried to explain what was going to happen. His name was Dinika and I could not have been luckier to have him in the room. He was calm, soothing and talked me through everything. As the section was taking place, I had hold of my husband’s hand, while Dinika stroked my head telling me, “Everything will be ok, you’re doing great,” over and over again. (Evie now has a special teddy bear, that was a gift from her grandparents, who we’ve named Dina after this special doctor. Dina sits in Evie’s cot every night keeping an eye on her.)

At this point, I felt a strange sense of calm. I really had no idea what was going on and just lay there very still. I had no idea how much time had passed, but I suddenly heard a baby cry. I looked at my husband and just said, “She’s out! She’s here!” What I didn’t know, was that Evie had actually been out for over two minutes. My hubby, who’d been on an emotional rollercoaster already, had seen her come out pale, floppy and silent. He was called over to her as nurses told him that Evie needed to be taken to have her brain activity monitored. They brought her over to me and I held her as my husband tried to tell me what was happening. I was so out of it, that I just kept saying, “It’s fine, she’s going to be fine.”

Evie was then taken to NICU, while I was taken to recovery. The nurses there were very upbeat and kept me talking about all sorts until my hubby arrived to tell me that Evie was ok, her brain activity was fine. I told the nurses that I wanted to see her and they said they would do their best to make it happen. They ended up wheeling me, in my bed, down to NICU and rolling my bed (not an easy task!) beside Evie, who was in an incubator. She had all kinds of wires attached to her and was crying the place down, but all I could do was look at her and try to take in that she was mine and she was finally here.

We spent the next 5 days in hospital and Evie spent 3 of those in special care. We had both been through a lot and it would take (and has taken) time to heal from the experience. I was glad to finally take Evie home and start our new chapter as a family.

It’s not easy to look back on this experience and there have been ongoing physical and emotional ties to these events. I finally feel like we’re in a place where we are moving forward and when I remember how hard all of this was, I just look at Evie today and see the wonderful, happy little person she’s become. I’ve said it previously in an Instagram post, but looking back let’s me see just how far we’ve come and I’m so proud of us both.

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