Welcome to Little Evie & Me! A blog documenting a journey through motherhood.

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Welcome to Little Evie and Me

Welcome to Little Evie and Me


I’m Louise and I’m a first time Mum to Evie. We live in Manchester with my hubby (Evie’s Dad) and our mini goldendoodle, Margie. I’m an opera singer, music teacher and aspiring baker…ok, I’m the world’s worst baker, but I’m learning and have successfully baked twice so far!

Prior to Evie (was there ever a time she wasn’t here?!), I spent 9 years living and working in Chicago as an opera singer. My hubby is a pianist and in the Summer of 2017, we were working together (this almost never happens!) for an opera company in Colorado, when we found out we were expecting.

To be closer to family, we decided to relocate to my hometown of Manchester. Within 4 months of finding out we were pregnant, we had packed up our life in Chicago and moved to England.

Over the past year I have faced some huge life changes that most people would deal with one at a time. For me, they came all at once and unexpectedly. It wasn’t until Evie arrived in March 2018, that the reality of all of these changes hit home.

As a new Mum, it has been a hard journey so far. Following a dream pregnancy, we had a traumatic delivery with ongoing health issues for me and little E.

After being repeatedly discouraged from social media posts that seem to only share the highlight reel of parenthood, I decided to start Little Evie and Me. Parenthood is a wonderful and amazing thing, but it can be the hardest and most unrewarding job, too. I want to create a safe space for parents to vent, ask questions and share the highs and lows of child rearing in a judgement-free and unfiltered zone. I’ll be documenting my journey through motherhood via this blog as I navigate this new chapter in my life and the ripple effect it has had (and continues to have) on career, relationships and even the dog (poor Margie).

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With love,

Little Evie and Me

Evie's journey to Alder Hey

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